Takaya Urakawa Foundation is dedicated to funding arts, education, and learning. The foundation has been a registered charity since 2017. It aims at funding musicians during their studies and/or at the start of their career as a soloist, particularly offering help in times of financial difficulties. The objective of the foundation is the support of gifted musicians during their studies and at the start of their career.

Proof of Eligibility

Eligibility and extraordinary talent need to be established. This proof can be provided through objective evidence such as grades or competition results. Furthermore, proof can be established through recommendation letters or other applicable certificates by music teachers, professors, or other experts such as musicians that have been known to the foundation board, or long-standing professional orchestra musicians.

Training Institutions

We sponsor training programs at state-approved academies (schools, colleges of higher education, universities), as well as at renowned, and comparable private institutions. In case of doubt, proof can be provided through a high placement in the relevant rankings for the respective country, or any other suitable depiction of the institute’s extraordinary, and outstanding position. This might be renowned alumni, borne award winners, or a high international profile.

General funding conditions

The funds awarded are earmarked for a specific purpose. Beneficiaries undertake to use the awarded funds or financial contributions of any other kind in accordance with the funding agreement exclusively for the approved project or sub-project. Changes in content, postponements of deadlines, changes in participants, etc. must be discussed with us. We must be informed immediately of any planned changes, as any change could lead to the loss of the right to the promised funding. Funding for the changed project can only be maintained with our renewed written approval. We reserve the right, in the event of unapproved changes to the project, not to pay out promised funds or to reclaim funds already paid out from the beneficiaries.

If the project is not carried out, we reserve the right to reclaim funds already paid out from the beneficiaries. If a project is cancelled or not carried out, the beneficiaries undertake to reimburse us without being asked for any monies already transferred and to inform us immediately and in writing of the reason for the cancellation.

The beneficiaries inform the Foundation about the progress of the project as agreed.

Beneficiaries agree to our public reporting (on- and offline) about the project or institution.

The liability for the content and implementation of the projects and events lies exclusively with the beneficiaries.

The Takaya Urakawa Foundation must be informed immediately of any changes to the originally agreed funding conditions on the part of the beneficiaries. This concerns in particular:

– Changes of address
– Significant changes regarding budget planning and/or financing of the project

Beneficiaries undertake to refer to the support provided by the Takaya Urakawa Foundation in project-related media work (on- and offline). Our logo or lettering must be used for project support. The logo is available in the required versions on request. It must be clear from our mention and the placement of the logo which project or which sub-project was supported by us. Images and film material sent to the Takaya Urakawa Foundation as part of the application and reporting process can be published on the website with the appropriate credit.


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